How Religions Work

All religions, like every attempt at mind-control, work by exploiting a weakness in the mental modelling mechanism humans use to represent the real world. This weakness usually manifests as fear, or distrust, and is a symptom of a fundamental underlying issue, which can be summarised as 'thinking is hard'. The religious would really like the world / universe to be nice and simple, because if it's simple, it's understandable, and if it's understandable, it's controllable. This is particularly apparent in 'creationists' such as 'Ken Ham'; a creationist who personifies how religions work. They'd rather jam their fingers in their ears and invent insanely complicated reasons why all the scientific evidence is wrong in this particular case, rather than just face the fact that the universe is rather complex. That evidence, by the way is the same that underpins their sat-navs, their cosy western lifestyles and their ability to inflict their daft opinions on the rest of us. It's especially sad when you understand that there isn't anything to be frightened of; the universe is indeed vast and complex, but that very complexity is what makes it so marvellous, and gives us so many opportunities.

Understanding how religions work isn't especially difficult. If you haven't already figured it out, it may help if you understand that all religions are malevolent mental malware, spread virally mostly to children by their own parents.

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