Creationists: Teach the Dishonesty!

Creationists are a strange bunch. Recently, they've been trying hard to make everyone believe there's a controversy os some sort going on. That there's some kind of debate revolving around whether the universe arose as per their creationist fairy tale, or as per the Big Bang theory. "Teach The Controversy!" they cry, as they attempt to persuade American public schools to promote a ludicrous magic story to the ranks of real useful scientific theory. Obviously there isn't a controversy at all; no matter how much further refining of the Big Bang theory takes place, one thing is clear. The Creationist fable explains nothing. It's also clear why creationists would like to convince the general public that there is some kind of controversy;  it no doubt makes them feel a bit less embarrassed to be spouting this intellectually backward nonsense in the first place.

It also raises a deeper question. There's no doubt that creationists would prefer the universe to be nice and simple, so why then can they not see that the reality of existence is far simpler than the crazy-assed sky-daddy story they keep forlornly pimping? It's not like at least some of them haven't heard of Occam's Razor; after all, they live the rest of their lives by the principle of going with the simpler solution. I refuse to accept that Creationists are all as dumb or as weird as they make themselves out to be, and the only other possible explanation I can come up with is that to be a creationist, you have to be dishonest with yourself. You have to pretend that a daft super-complicated fairy story invented by bronze-age goat-herders makes more sense than accepting what's actually an incredibly simple solution:- this kind of universe requires nothing except a big bang + randomness + lots of time. Once you start lying to yourself, of course, it's open season. Fingers in ears, la-la-la...

Big Bang? or 'Big Boing'? It's not difficult.

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