Supernatural events don’t happen in a natural universe.

There's a great meme doing the rounds right now. It's just text, and announces that there are no ghosts, gods, santa, afterlives and so on. Interestingly, the one item most people tend to have a problem with is the 'ghosts' bit. Many people seem to be insisting on 'keeping an open mind', about spooks, usually because 'my cousin Billy once saw a blah blah blah'. You could argue that this means we've raised a generation who didn't get the 'Scooby Doo' message (that it's always some creepy old guy in a mask, out for money) which is genuinely concerning, because it shows how bad scientific illiteracy has become.

Leaving aside the obvious questions of what substrate a disembodied mind would run on, or why 'ghosts' can't be detected with scientific equipment far more sensitive than human sensory organs, you're still left with the problem of supernatural events. Everything described in the meme can be regarded as supernatural, and perhaps the defining characteristic of a supernatural event is that it lacks a valid causality trail linking it back to the Big Bang. If it is supernatural, an event is 'a-causal', in other words, which is a major problem, because a single a-causal event would overturn the whole universe, ending it in its current form. From a four-dimensional perspective, you could even regard the entire universe as a gigantic container for causality, which is why


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