For BOB’s sake…

I've noticed a serious upswing recently in religious sorts waving their costume jewellery and claiming that because atheists use expressions such as "Thank God" or "For Gawd's sake!"  or "Gord almighty!" they are somehow 'not real atheists'. That's cruel, because it's an example of how hard it can be to shift a mental model once it's been ingrained, especially if it worked its way into your head when you were young. It's the same reason, incidentally, why the religious find it so hard to ditch their nonsensical imaginary friends, even when they are presented with incontrovertible evidence that their ideas are incorrect.

Anyhoo, they do have a point, because using the name of someone else's imaginary super-friend to add emphasis to your conversation is a bit weird. I therefore suggest all atheists start trying to make a conscious effort not to use these phrases, and instead of 'GOD' use 'BOB'.

B.O.B means 'Big Old Bang'.

It fits quite nicely. BOB almighty. For the love of B.O.B. Dear BOB make it stop. Thank B.O.B. For Bob's sake. I realise that I'm asking you to pull away the last remaining rotten plank the religion might conceivably provide, but hey:- everything runs its course, just ask Odin.


And instead of 'Jesus f*cking Christ', I suggest 'JOHN F*CKING CLEESE'. After all, John actually exists, and has been know to indulge. I mean, for Bob's sake, let's try and be adult about this.

For Bob's Sake

Stop saying things like 'Dear God', or 'For God's sake'. Use 'BOB' instead. 'Big Old Bang'. Click To Tweet