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Religion Kills Progress

Religion kills progress

How are you getting on with that personal jetpack? How about the hoverboard? The functional immortality? Did you enjoy your day trip to the moon? Are you really relocating to another star system for the opportunities? Aren't you glad that all disease is eradicated, and nobody ever gets ill? All of these things would be ...

The Definition Of Religion, And Why It’s A Problem

defining religion

Defining religion is surprisingly difficult. If you've never considered it before, defining the word 'religion' might seem like a trivial task to you. After all, that family across the street are Christian, aren't they? And surely those are Muslims a few doors down... Isn't it just a question of worshipping some 'god' or other, and ...

Free Will Exists, But It Doesn’t Come Cheap.

Is It Possible That Free Will Exists? The answer is a guarded 'yes', which may seem unlikely to those of you who stand behind the currently fashionable position that the universe is set up in a way that preventsĀ free will existing. Proponents of that idea, of course, include heavyweight philosophers, not just taxi drivers and ...