Why God Is Impossible



Gods, miracles, heavens, hells, next lives.

There are no gods, miracles, heavens, hells, or next lives. ALL religions are incompatible with a real universe, and here's the surprisingly simple science why, in pictures, for free.

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"Why God Is Impossible". Why all the claims made by religions are nonsense, and how physics is able to show easily and simply that miracles, deities, next lives and after lives are totally and utterly incompatible with the real universe in which we exist.

The book itself is about 40 pages of illustrations, designed to be so simple to understand that even a 10 year old child could follow the science. That's no surprise; ridiculously unlikely things are often the simplest to debunk.

There's nothing in this free ebook explaining why God and gods are impossible that isn't well-established physics. The same physics you are using to read this page, in fact. The book is just an assembling of those facts (inconvenient as they are to the religious) into a simple-to-understand form. The reason nobody has ever bothered to do it before is that no serious scientist regards 'gods' or 'miracles' or 'rebirth' as anything except irrelevant childishness, and that it should be obvious why the supernatural is bunkum. I was spurred on to write it purely because I'd already assembled all the components for another project, and because the number of religious extremists on forums shouting "YOU CAN'T PROVE GOD DOESN'T EXIST!"' appeared to be increasing exponentially. Feel free to poke any holes in it you like. It is, after all, falsifiable. So far nobody has been able to raise any valid objections to it, except a few crazed evangelist flat-earthers who don't believe in gravity, or causality. If you like it, and understand what it is saying, please feel free to pass it on to any religious people you know. After all, you may help cure them of their mild mental illness, the malevolent mental malware known as 'religion'.

Published in 2017, this free ebook takes you on a wonderful insightful journey into the incredibly simple science explaining why all religions are nonsense, and always have been. From the impossibility of 'miracles', the pointlessness of 'prayer' (a.k.a. 'talking to yourself') and the sheer ridiculousness of believing that 'god has a plan' in a universe underpinned by quantum physics, this free ebook will open your eyes to the reality of our humble universe. Grab it now, while it's still free!