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I want you to do something for me. Sit back and imagine…

A beautiful beach, with waves lapping gently at the shore, the sun beating down, and gulls wheeling overhead. Now imagine that a yellow submarine surfaces, just off the coast in front of you.

You probably found that little mental exercise ridiculously easy, which is interesting, because you also probably have no idea how you did it. In this book, I’ll show you how your mind is able to perform that marvellous trick, as well as all the other astounding mental feats you take for granted. We’ll safely deconstruct ‘you’, and in the process discover how you came into being, what you are, and why your personal future is both bright, and unexpected. Answer the hard problem, in fact. We’ll find out what your consciousness is, why you have free will, and even how you’ve managed to join the most exclusive club in the universe, the self-aware.

Why would you want to do this? Because there’s an incredible free bonus that comes with the answer to the hard problem. By understanding how your own mind works, you’ll automatically get a new perspective on the ‘Big Questions’. This will allow you to take a completely fresh look at the reality underlying topics as diverse as telepathy, life after death, aliens, and even the purpose of existence. At every step of the way, I’ll give you simple thought experiments (as easy as the one above) that will enable you to test for yourself whether I’m right or wrong. And at the end? You’ll be in a vanishingly rare position:- you’ll understand your own existence.

Hard problems don’t always need hard answers. Prepare to deconstruct…

NeverMind: You, Deconstructed.

A simple solution to ‘the hard problem‘ of human consciousness and self-awareness.