Why God Is Impossible & it’s Game Over, Jehovah.

For a while now, the religious have been falling back on the same old bleat:- “You can’t prove my God doesn’t exist!” Now while that’s obviously a silly thing to say, they can’t seem to stop themselves. Therefore I’ve taken the liberty of assembling a couple of short books that provide the scientific evidence that ‘God’ or ‘gods’ are impossible, and all religions are nonsense. The first book, ‘Why God is Impossible‘, published in 2017, is in picture format, and is suitable for anyone over the age of ten. The second book, ‘Game Over, Jehovah‘, is text only, and goes into the science in more detail. You’ll need at least a high school education for that one. Anyhoo, here you go, enjoy. The PDF versions are free, by the way.

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Click to download!

In the beginning was the word, and the word was ‘nope‘. Whether you’re Christian, Muslim, Buddhist or Wiccan, the supernatural claims of your religion are nonsense because real universes don’t ‘do’ supernatural.
To many people, that’s no doubt a contentious statement, but the evidence is solid, and not exactly complex. To understand it, all you have to do is take a deep breath, suspend your belief for a moment, and join me on a short but hopefully fruitful journey into the basics of reality, and why some embarrassingly simple physics makes all religions incompatible with the kind of universe you’re observing all around you, right now. It’s the same familiar physics you use every single day of your life, by the way, so if you have a sat-nav, use the Internet, or ever get treated in hospital, you’re taking advantage of things that can only exist because our understanding of that physics is correct.

Why God is Impossible – the ‘Dummy’s Guide’ picture version

Game Over, Jehovah – Text only version for people who completed High School.

Most of the world’s major religions involve gods; supernatural entities who supposedly have the power to create and control entire universes but for some reason prefer to spend their time invisibly and silently watching the activities of ordinary people like little old you and me. Generally, the purpose of this undetectable celestial surveillance is to enable the god to silently judge everything you’re doing or thinking, with an eye to rewarding you after you die with an eternity of pleasure out of all proportion to anything you did in life, or more disturbingly, subjecting you to unending and unspeakable torture, just because you transgressed some arbitrary divine rule or other. Perhaps you once ate shellfish, or got a tattoo, or preferred your own sex. Maybe you even dared to covet the donkey two doors down, you thought-crime monster.

As I write this, over half the population of the world appears to subscribe to one or other of these convoluted and contradictory belief systems, without any evidence whatsoever. To the rest of us this is concerning, because it’s actually rather obvious that…

Gods and reality are mutually incompatible. Find out why in these free ebooks!